Emile Ferreira
Emile Dos Santos Ferreira

Postgraduate computer scientist and award-winning entrepreneur, contributing to responsible artificial intelligence. Allan Gray Fellow. Best Computer Science Honours Student, Stellenbosch University. Best Breakthrough Developer, MTN App of the Year Awards.

  • with years of programming experience
  • Cape Town, South Africa
Founder and Bot Whisperer

InsiteBot is a website chatbot that's as easy to set up as editing a spreadsheet.

Head Teaching Assistant

I led a team of eight to plan, present and assess the Computer Science 343 course for 176 students. I also assisted with Computer Science 334.

Student Project Leader

AWS partnered with Stellenbosch University to create an educational app that assesses and improves the numerical literacy of primary school students who learn remotely. I led a team of six to successfully undertake this student project.

Intern Developer

Root is an end-to-end digital insurance platform. I focused on Android development while working at Root.


A free, collaborative, in-browser integrated developer environment. I worked on the Replit education platform.

Intern Web Developer

Aura is a web hosting and development company. I created websites and marketing content for their clients.

BScHons in Computer Science, cum laude

My research focused on language models, formal language theory and artificial intelligence interpretability. I obtained a grade of 93%.

BSc in Mathematical Sciences (Computer Science), cum laude

I studied mathematics with a focus in computer science and machine learning, achieving a 93% final-year average.

National Senior Certificate

With a subject choice of Physical Sciences (90%), Information Technology (96%) and Visual Arts (94%), I achieved an 88% average.

2-year certificate

I studied design principles and best practices.


The fellowship is awarded to "high-impact, responsible entrepreneurs" in Southern Africa. It funded my studies at Stellenbosch University.

2020, 2021
Merit Bursary

This is awarded to the top 5% of undergraduate students of each faculty.

Victoria Scholarship

This is awarded to the two students who score highest in the Victoria Scholarship Examinations and "is the top scholarship award in the school".

CS50x Puzzle Day certificate

My team solved all nine puzzles.

Best Computer Science Honours Student

I received the prize, sponsored by FNB, for the highest-performing computer science honours student, in a class of 52.

Best Computer Science Honours Project

My research project, on understanding transformers through formal languages, earned the top mark in a class of 52. The prize was sponsored by Praelexis.

2020, 2021, 2022
Membership invitation

Golden Key recognises the top 15% of university students.

Van der Walt Medal runner-up

The Van der Walt Medal is awarded to the top undergraduate computer science student. I received a prize sponsored by EPI-USE Labs.

CS50x Puzzle Day certificate

My team solved 6/8 challenging puzzles.

Hackathon winner

My team developed a mobile banking app which creates a Bluetooth Low Energy mesh network to facilitate offline transactions. The event was sponsored by Innovus, Capitec Bank and Entersekt.

Best Breakthrough Developer and Most Innovative Solution winner

My virtual assistant was recognised as the most innovative app in Africa. Bestee was the only app to win in more than one category.

Full Blue – Cum Laude

I received academic colours for achieving above 85% in the mid- and end-of-year exams.

Hyme Rabinowitz Prize

This is awarded to the student who achieves the best mark for Visual Arts in grade 10. I also received the Afrikaans Prize and Information Technology Prize.


Bestee is an offline, privacy-respecting virtual assistant for Android, which I chose not to monetise. Bestee has more than 150 000 downloads from over 200 countries.

Candidate Fellow Committee Head of Portfolio

I served as head of the Fellowship Curriculum portfolio, overseeing a subcommittee to strategically plan entrepreneurial education and training.

Science in Context 178 Project Supervisor

I devised, presented and supervised a research project on understanding the technology behind ChatGPT for 40 undergraduate students.

Year-group Leader

I was elected as leader of the fourth-year candidate fellows; responsible for communication management, conflict resolution and representing my peers.

Explore SUNLearn Volunteer

I co-hosted an interactive session to introduce the first year computer science students to Linux and the teaching network.


I spent four months volunteering at Camphill, which strives to provide high quality of life and meaningful work for adults with intellectual disabilities.

Peer Mentor

As a senior candidate fellow, I volunteered to mentor junior candidate fellows as they embarked on their university journey.


I co-founded and presented for Debugged, which offered computer science talks and workshops to Stellenbosch University students. A portion of proceeds was donated to Code for Change.


Emile is very talented not only in coding but also in video production and has a knack for marketing as well. This makes him one of a kind technical talent.

Amjad Masad
Founder at Replit

Emile has excelled at SACS and has risen above his peers especially in the academic aspect of school life. He has consistently delivered top marks thanks to excellent academic discipline.

Brendan Grant

If you are looking for someone who is prepared, competent, industrious, creative, entrepreneurial, connective and - above all, a really decent human being - you will have found that in Emile.

Andrew Putter
Director at Putter School

I want to congratulate [Emile's team] for winning the Fintech Coding Challenge. This is certainly a fantastic achievement for a group of first year students!

Prof. Louise Warnich
Dean of Science at Stellenbosch University

In over 15 years of running a design and hosting company I have never seen such potential and enthusiasm for our industry.

Thomas Knowler

[...] Elon Musk of the future.

Annette Muller
Founder at Flexyforce

Punctuality, efficiency, responsibility, conduct, willingness - all excellent.

Louw Hopley
CEO at Root

Your [Computer Science] 345 project was definitely one of the best student projects I've seen over the years.

Prof. Brink van der Merwe
Head of Computer Science at Stellenbosch University

[Emile] is a team player and always willing to bring more than is expected of him.

Sam Hodson

Thanks. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

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