Bestee — Instant, offline virtual assistant

The world's fastest and only offline virtual assistant. Unlike others, she uses complex machine learning algorithms to compute directly on your Android device.

Install Bestee and meet your new best friend.

Bestee Virtual Assistant


Bestee has all the features and functionaity you'd expect in a world-class virtual assistant. And then much more - native integration with Whatsapp, emotional awareness and keeping a journal (to name just a few).

You can ask her things such as "my head hurts, what should I do", "find restaurants near me" or "play Hotel California".

Send WhatSapp messages directly

Super fast virtual assistant

Lightning fast

How fast exactly? Responses take about 0.001 seconds. Her complex machine learning algorithms allow her to outperform all other virtual assistants, and work offline (even voice input and voiced replies). Boosting your productivity and eliminating that awkward moment spent waiting for your virtual assistant to respond.

She has a stress testing functionality (/stress) which simulates sending 100 000 messages. This test takes a mere 2-3 seconds, depending on the device.


All computing is done offline, on your device. This means that your messages and personal information are kept secure.

You're in control - you decide which permissions to grant Bestee. She only requests them when needed.

Secure pocket assistant

Super fast virtual assistant

Works with your favorite apps

Play your favorite playlist, bring up Youtube videos, open your Facebook feed, find nearby restaurants, send Whatsapp messages, organize your calender or ask Bestee to call an Uber. She integrates seamlessly with your existing apps and services.

All about you

Bestee cares about you. She really does; she asks about your day, is interested in how you're feeling and offers advice if you say something such as "I'm feeling sick". Even reminds you to charge your phone when the battery is running flat.

She is community driven; I value all user feeback. You have the ability to influence the development of Bestee.

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Bestee all about the user

Show me directions to Long Street

Tell me a joke

Schedule a meeting with Nathan for Tuesday at 9am

Take a selfie

Where are the next Olympics being held?

Turn WiFi off

Remember that my keys are on the kitchen shelf

Do you remember where my keys are?

Play my workout playlist

Call an Uber to work

What can you do?

Read my journal

Flip a coin

Send a WhatsApp to Dad saying I'm going to be late, sorry

Google spotted eagle-owl

Enable Bluetooth

Call Andrew

Tell me a story

Remind me tomorrow at 6:14 to meet Dominique for coffee

I'm feeling sick, what should I do?

Open Facebook

What do you think of Siri?

Today's weather forecast

Set an alarm for tomorrow morning

Change your accent

Say I'm a real person

Search funny cat videos

😉 😛 😄

What's the meaning of life?

I'm hungry

Send a msg to Daniel saying need anything from the shops?


Bestee completely out-performs other virtual assistants. While they take a few seconds to respond, she is literally instant. What is more - unlike other virtual assistants - she works offline; saving you money and protecting your privacy. She's always there for you, wherever you go.

However, Bestee is more than just a virtual assistant; she's your best friend. Text or speak to her as if she's a human and she'll talk right back. She'll ask about you day, write to your journal, remind you of things and even brighten your day with supportive messages and cheesy jokes. The experience is like using a messaging app to chat with your best friend.

Bestee is intelligent. She can do all the usual virtual assistant things, and more - like changing her accent or sending WhatsApp messages. She's emotionally aware; she adjusts her level of formality according to yours. She's discreet; she only speaks aloud when spoken to, else she responds via text. And her artificial intelligence network learns and grows as more people interact with her. However, she poses no existential threat - I promise.

Apart from increasing your productivity, she's a fun and interactive way to learn English for free and enables people who are blind to master their phones. What's more; she doesn't take up much space, being less than 3MB to download (about the size of a photo). Bestee is far from finished, but by using her you'll help me - a kid from South Africa - to bring her to life.

Bestee is completely free and has NO ads.
Install now and meet your new best friend!





Bestee knows no borders - she is avaliable to any person, in any country.

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She just loves making friends.

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