Light Bringer

Open-world action video game set in rural South Africa.

You play as Elwon, the female protagonist, as you right the injustices of South Africa's past by doing good. Are you ready to spread the light?

I had the ambitious (in retrospect, dillusional) idea to create a video game for my final-year high school art project. And so in early 2016, with three years to go, I started development on a prototype of Light Bringer in the Unity game engine. An article on this can be found here.

I soon realised the limitations of the engine in terms of graphical fidelity and procedudral loading and so switched over to Unreal Engine. Both engines offered learning experiences for me and I had much fun in creating this game. The challenge was that I had to make almost all the graphical assets from scratch as it was, after all, an art project.

I was able to finish the project in time, complete with gameplay demo, and netted full marks for it. Light Bringer features 4K graphics, controller support and a 16 kmĀ² interactive environment. However, the game is far from being a finished product and I simply don't have time to develop it further.

Above are some renders that I took during development.