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WIPO certificate Emile Ferreira
Google Cloud Onboard
MTN Business app of the year
Unity game development
Morning Brew article about Emile Ferreira
Stellenbosch University hackathon with Entersekt and Capitec
10and5 article on Emile Ferreira
Putter School design and UI
Allan Gray Orbis Foundation Fellow
SACS High School certificate
Root wealth banking
Stuff magazine Emile Ferreira
Emile is very talented not only in coding but also in video production and has a knack for marketing as well. This makes him one of a kind technical talent.
Emile Ferreira testimonial Amjad Masad
Amjad Masad CEO and President of Repl.it
Elon Musk of the future.
Emile Ferreira review Annette Muller
Annette Muller Founder of Flexyforce

Continue with your good work as it is important for acceleration of health outcomes on our continent.
Who on emile
Dr Moredreck Chibi Regional Director of the World Health Organization
If you are looking for someone who is prepared, competent, industrious, creative, entrepreneurial, connective and - above all, a really decent human being - you will have found that in Emile.
Andrew Putter's thoughts on Emile Ferreira
Andrew Putter Director of Putter School

I want to congratulate all four of you, as members of the CTRL ALT ELITE team, for winning the Fintech Coding Challenge recently. This is certainly a fantastic achievement for a group of first year students!
Emile Ferreira software developer review
Prof Louise Warnich Dean of Science, Stellenbosch University
In over 15 years of running a design and hosting company I have never seen such potential and enthusiasm for our industry.
Thomas Knowler on Emile Ferreira
Thomas Knowler CEO of Aura Hosting

Emile has excelled at SACS and has risen above his peers especially in the academic aspect of school life. A friendly and easily likeable young man, his achievments made him well respected within the school.
Review of Emile Ferreira
B. J. Grant Headmaster of SACS High School
Punctuality, efficiency, responsibility, conduct, willingness - all exellent.
Emile Ferreira software developer review
Louw Hopley CEO of Root Wealth