Welcome, soldier.
The Mission

Good old boots-on-the-ground action in a futuristic first person shooter

The war is over, but your mission has just started. Many of the military drones have gone rogue in a desert town and you've been assigned to eliminate them. You fight off wave after wave of attack-drones in this fast-paced action game. How long can you survive?

Swarm Video Game


Stunning graphics, particle effects and shaders bring Swarm© to life. Up to 4k resolution on high-end systems.


Experiance the rush of rushing in, guns blazing. Or the thrill of tactical shooting as you eliminate wave after wave of drones.

Ultra Optimized

A huge amount of effort has gone into smooth gameplay and reduced game file size. The download is a mere 90mb and it should run on any pc.

Interactive Environment

Your stray bullets smash through crates and shatter pots, or ricochet off metal beams. Tactical barrel explosions can be used to your advantage.


Warfare has been revolutionized by artificial intelligence. Machines fights machines and soldiers are sent in to clean up the mess.


Swarm© is far from being a finished product but it's still loads of fun. Download and play for free, right now.

About the Developer

Hi, my name is Emile Ferreira.
I'm a 17 year old game developer and software engineer based in Cape Town, South Africa.

I created Swarm© as a quick two-week project, just to demonstration my skills as a young game developer. I started development whilst working on another - much bigger - game and was able to re-use much of the models and code from it. The rest of the assets I created in the two weeks or bought from an asset store.

The game concept came from a quote by fellow South African, Elon Musk: "With artificial intelligence we are summoning the demon". If it does well I'll release an update with more content or simply create a sequel. However, it'll always remain free-to-play. That is a promise.

Special mentions:
James Hilton-Barber - gameplay trailer editing
Dyln De Villiers - game testing and brainstorming
Micah Friesen - recording gameplay footage

The other game mentioned - Light Bringer© - has been in development for the past 7 months. It's an open-world, 3rd person, action game set in South Africa. Find out more at playlightbringer.com

I'm passionate about creating video games. Please consider supporting my upcoming games or simply get in touch at emileferreira.com